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Core Healing

Core Alignment

Healing of body-mind emotions and spirit


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Sometimes this is hard to believe. We have resigned to our pain, sometimes chronic, we learn to live with it; stop feeling......        but it's there, lingering in the background and probably dragging us down, making us tired, irritated, frustrated, affecting our social activities and overall quality of life.


Private Healing Sessionsprivate healing sessions

With Energy Healing Science you will receive help to restore your well being. At the same time it serves as a tool for awakening your consciousness and as a tool for personal transformation.  It is my privilege to help you facilitate your healing journey, transforming the relationship you have with your Self  and your life.

 Workshops in Energy Healing


When we release acute or chronic pain and the pain of our past we create new space in which our true, authentic, original and joyful Core Self can emerge. You may find that your life transforms as a result and you begin to realize that you are the co creator of your own reality.
This is a very empowering experience for most people and puts them on an inspired and purposeful path with effective tools to create a purposeful, meaningful and inspired life.

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Pathways to the Self

Becoming a Healing Presence in the world