Your Healing Journey

Let's create your personalised Healing Journey

Your journey starts with a questionaire followed, if right, with a complementary  1-1 consultation in which we take an in-depth look at what it is you would like to heal.

This could be looking to heal your chronic pain, your relationship challenges, resolve a childhood trauma, or to find more meaning and purpose in your life. 

During our online consultation we will tease out what it is exactly that is needed for your healing, so that together we will create a pathway to suit you. Much of this pathway develops as we work together.

However, what you will most likely receive during your journey

You will receive healing work, to soften any pain and struggle, and to help you gain more clarity as to what causes these.

You will receive healing tools so that you can empower yourself to practice self-healing to improve your health and well-being in between our session times. 

The tools I teach you are aimed at resolving your specific issue as well as enhance your well-being through all aspects of your life, to provide you with energy vitality that aids in further clearing pain, emotional balance and energy alignment with your spiritual self.

You will receive meditations and guided visualisations during the sessions to apply during your week, as well as tasks such as journalling and art work. This will help access your challenges non-verbally.

You will receive input in the form of teaching and process work so that we deepen your understanding of what lies at the root of your challenge to facilitate healing at deeper levels..

You will receive recordings of all sessions. The recordings are for you to keep, so you can always go back to replay, review and remind yourself. All material provided is for you to keep.

You will receive email access to me throughout the week from Monday to Friday 9-5 for the time of your commitment, so that you have a space in between your sessions to ask your questions, and receive support. I will also be available on Signal for more direct access and instant chat.

This is an online programme using Zoom conferencing. We will meet in a private Zoom room dedicated to you for the time of your journey.

Your commitment to your healing journey is 12 sessions over either 3, 6 or 9 months. If you chose a three months journey your sessions will be weekly whereas they will be bi- weekly when you opt for 6 months. You will receive focusing tasks in between your sessions, so that you experience maximum benefit as you apply your learnings to your daily life.

Contact me here to for more information, ask for your questionaire, or to book your journey.

What previous clients have said about their Healing Journey

" I had the good fortune to work with Maria on a three month intensive healing journey. I was going through some very challenging issues when I reached out to her. These were issues that I knew required guidance from someone with a very high frequency who was highly skilled and experienced. Maria has a rare ability to maneuver through the emotional, psychological and spiritual as well as various relevant aspects of the energy body, seen and unseen. I felt completely supported throughout my journey.  Maria guided and gently nudged me to make decisions and choices that benefited my well-being, healing and inner evolution. I am extremely grateful for my time with Maria. I would not hesitate to reach out to her again in the future as needed. I highly recommend Maria to anyone who is seeking to accelerate their healing, find inner clarity and increased empowerment and awareness. This is what she did for me. Thank you Maria. "

Natalie Foley- Canada March 2024


"This journey has been deeply nourishing and life changing for me. I arrived at the course with low batteries, not knowing exactly how to change my life to feel more joyful. The programme turned out to be a great composition of valuable teachings, process time and doing exercises. That it was held over a period of 6 months gave me time to integrate and align my life towards happiness and authenticity. I do understand myself better - and be more kind towards me and others as a result. To have such a dedicated teacher was a learning and blessing in itself. I felt in a very loving and safe space with a good structure. It has been a great time of personal growth. Great to have the feeling of being able to create the quality of life I want to live!"  JS, Germany

"I am very, very glad, and grateful that I took the step of taking this programme. The benefits have been great, and the power of the programme as an intense learning experience is more than I expected. I think you could certainly call it life changing. I think it must be rare to have such a very strong, safe, supportive arena for healing and change as this. I think this is primarily due to the experience, strength, focus and wisdom of Maria, which I am awed by. At first it seemed like the tasks (like all homework) would be a slog, but I now see it as a welcome invitation to again 'check in' with myself, to identify with the 'benign inner witness' which the programme encourages us to develop. Maria is so professional and compassionate. The course is a wonderful mix of spiritual philosophy, energy consciousness and psychological development. Basically, I recommend this course wholeheartedly and 100%!" GL. Scotland