Maria Olsthoorn - Energy Healing Science

You love the idea of self exploration, you seek a meaningful path of self discovery, healing, transformation and purpose.

You have an inner calling to connect with a deeper part of yourself. You are keen and curious and have dabbed yourself into the world of natural medicine. You have explored various healing modalities and workshops and have learned about yourself. You are very keen to get onto your spiritual path.

You've been reading books, watched videos, listened to podcasts, done some mindfulness, some meditating, some chakra energising. You maybe visited some sacred sites to touch into a special energy. You've felt inspired.

Before you realise it, this inspiration has dissipated and your old habits have settled back in. How does this happen?



Rebirth, original painting by Maria

Consider that personal transformation, healing and your awakening process benefit from a holistic approach! What this meas is that the journey needs to involve all of you,  your Essence, your Intention, your mind, your emotions as well as your physical body.


My approach to your transformation, self development and awakening takes all of those aspects of Self on the journey with you.

  • Your Spiritual Self. Your Essence and higher consciousness.
  • Your Intention the aspect of us from which we make all your choices in life. 
  • Your emotions and mind,  these influence greatly how we behave in life and how we react to your circumstances.
  • Your physical body ..and the problems that arise within it.
  • Fun  personal transformation requires your commitment, but no commitment is going to work if it isn't mixed with some light heartedness and fun. Most things that have some fun are much easier to stick with.


If this triggered your curiosity just a bit, then watch the video!

It's only 12 and a half minutes of a simplified tour around the human aura. 

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