Working with Intention

Intention is a dimension deep within each one of us on which we move our source energy into manifestation. 

From no-thing into some-thing. 

This course offers an in depth look and experience of Intention,

each aspect of Intention is an important part of this process

Our Soul's longing      

Our grounding 

Our life purpose 

the question Who am I? 

As a linear concept we refer to this dimension as the Hara (see image)

During this course we will work with the specific aspects of Intention that we find on this Hara line 

Connection to Source

Our aspect of Self knowing

The Higher heart

The Tantien

Our Grounding into Earth

Working on Intention for yourself on a regular basis is a powerful exercise 

The opportunity to share within the supportive context of a group will greatly enhance and strengthen each person's alignment


If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Intention and Hara, I invite you to start by downloading my free eBook, which will give a short introduction to 'the 4 Dimensions of Being'. You can download it when you subscribe to my mailing list. 

7 Sessions

Where: online Zoom

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Tending your Higher Heart

Online January 8 2023

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