Pathways to the Self, from shadow to Essence

PATHWAYS TO THE SELF online solo available

Essence and Shadow work

If you are someone who is seeking a more meaningful, deeper and passionate way to life than this may be for you. 

Pathways to the Self is a committed journey into your Essence, the highest expression of who you are.

It explores the limitations of your beliefs, habits and life choices and resets you from who you think you are to who you truely are.


This course offers an opportunity to all who seek healing, stillness, empowerment and connection and a much improved relationship with the Self and with life.


During this journey you will learn much about yourself, about your shadow issues, for instance how you block your energy, your joy, creativity, your life vitality, and you will discover how you unconsciously and skillfully navigate your wounding and your past painful experiences and without being aware of it, stop yourself from receiving and experiencing what you most want from life. Do you know what you want from life?

You will journey through letting go of painful memories and unhelpful habits and find strength to make new choices for yourself that will lead you in the direction of a more desirable, empowered and fulfilling life.

The energetic mapping approach I offer has received almost 100% positive feedback in being truly transformative.


This is what some of the participants said.

"This course has been deeply nourishing and life changing for me. I arrived at the course with low batteries, not knowing exactly how to change my life to feel more joyful. The programme turned out to be a great composition of valuable teachings, process time and doing exercises together. That it was held over a period of nine months gave me time to integrate and align my life towards happiness and authenticity. I do understand myself better - and be more kind towards me and others as a result. To have such a dedicated teacher was a learning and blessing in itself. I felt in a very loving and safe space with a good structure. It has been a great time of personal growth. Great to have the feeling of being able to create the quality of life I want to live!"  Jutta S, Germany

"I am very, very glad, and grateful that I took the step of coming on this programme. The benefits have been great, and the power of the programme as an intense learning experience is more than I expected. I think you could certainly call it life changing. I think it must be rare to have such a very strong, safe, supportive arena for healing and change as this container is. I think this is primarily due to the experience, strength, focus and wisdom of Maria, which I am awed by.

At first it seemed like the tasks (like all tasks) would be a slog, but I now see it as a welcome invitation to again 'check in' with myself, to identify with the 'benign inner witness' which the programme encourages us to develop. Maria is so professional and compassionate. The course is a wonderful mix of spiritual philosophy, energy consciousness and psychological development. Basically, I recommend this course wholeheartedly and 100%!" Gael L. Aberdeen

The programme is set and grounded in the teachings of Barbara Brennan, a world famous spiritual healer and teacher and the innate wisdom of spiritual values and co creation with nature in the Findhorn Foundation.

We also use a particular personality map to engage with, to heal and resolve the parts in us that are defended and locked away to keep safe. We will work with the power of Intention to steer our life and choices into the direction we want it to go.

We'll work with aspects of Core Energetics, Body Mind Psychotherapy and Pathwork, draw from the world of energy medicine (chakras, energy therapy)

This 9 months journey will strengthen your container for life and cultivate a stable and grounded, empathic authentic compassionate Healing Presence in you.

You will be able to better meet your personal needs and stay present with todays intense global challenges.

Some topics we will spend time with:

Grounding into the Self.


Inner listening, inner stillness and the divine.

The Self, unresolved trauma and how this engages us with our Life Task.

Celebrating the Self and the unique gifts that each one of us brings to this world.  

Creativity, Meditation, Inner listening, Subtle energy consciousness.

Weekly online sessions tend to be intense and full and you'll probably find that you need time to integrate and have some breathing space. 

Online buddy group meetings:

In between the personal session times you will have reading and writing tasks. You will meet with a peer-group online to connect, help each other to stay focussed on the journey, as well as deepen with each other.The exact day and time for the online gatherings will be determined by your group and are usually 1,5 hours. 

Programme cost:

Pathways as a solo journey fee £3,945

Additional costs:  

Books: approx £40

Purchasing materials for your creative project: variable

Please email me with your interest. Once your application is confirmed I will send you further details.

Your place is confirmed with a non-returnable deposit of £345.00 

When you apply I will connect with you for a brief chat to clarify any questions you may have and details about the course.